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Purchasing an aircraft is a vastly rewarding investment – but innumerable choices, safety inspections, negotiations, financing, and translating industry jargon can make procuring the perfect plane a full - time job. Summit Aviation’s expert consultants will orchestrate the entire process for you, utilizing decades of industry experience and an extensive network of valuable connections to acquire your dream aircraft.

Our team can quickly locate planes tailored to even the most particular of buyers. When the best aircraft is selected, we work closely with buyer and seller, handling negotiations, coordinating necessary FAA paperwork, inspections, financing, insurance, and training, ensuring a positive buying experience.

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Requirements & Preferences 

By carefully considering your unique needs, you become part of our Team. Based on your preferences and requirements, the ideal aircraft is selected and our experts then comb through a pool of national and international resources built from years of positive relationships in the industry, and can quickly locate planes virtually tailored to the specific requirements of even the most particular of buyers. When the best aircraft is confirmed, our experts work closely with both buyer and seller, handling negotiations, coordinating all the necessary FAA paperwork, inspections, financing, insurance, and training, ensuring a positive buying experience.

Aircraft Acquisition Process

Phase One:
  • Review potential aircraft to make recommendations concerning a model consistent with your needs.
  • Review potential type/model aircraft specifications with you.
  • Perform a market value assessment comparing different prospective aircraft types/models.
  • Evaluate owner needs and make suggestions concerning potential ownership structure.
  • Assist in determining insurance needs, requirements, sources and prices.
  • Assist in locating potential financing.
  • Identify potential tax incentives.
  • Make recommendations concerning potential aircraft and transaction structure.
  • Identify specific Aircraft of interest.
  • Review specifications to determine fit for your needs.
  • Conduct market valuation specific to aircraft.
  • Coordinate logbook review between potential owner, certified A&P and or other professional. 
  • Prepare purchase/lease offer 
Phase Two:             
  • Deposit escrow funds.
  • Submit purchase offer.
  • Negotiate ongoing terms.
  • Arrange and coordinate pre-buy inspection.
Phase Three:
  • Monitor pre-buy inspection
  • Negotiate maintenance resolution
  • Manage aircraft acceptance
  • Manage aircraft closing
  • Manage aircraft delivery
  • Assist in arranging aircraft storage and maintenance support

Not only will an expert team save you valuable time, there are often opportunities to secure a lower price for your desired aircraft through skilled negotiating. We will help safeguard you from the many pitfalls of a poorly informed or managed purchase. Along with the added benefit of a Certified Aircraft Appraiser on staff, your search is in the most capable hands from start through to flying in the aircraft of your dreams! 

Why Summit Aviation?

Our Team has extensive experience in a wide range of aircraft acquisitions. We have handled hundreds of aircraft transactions, from single - engine Cessnas to heavy corporate jets and all those in - between.

Qualifications and Experience

Summit is comprised of a unique blend of talented and respected general aviation industry professionals who have strong credentials and proven track records.On a combined basis, our principals and consultants have decades of aviation  operations, training, aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft management, and customer service experience. We provide the best quality aviation consulting and services available in the industry.

Our clients can attest to our ability to understand and meet project goals and objectives (e.g. provide services, work products/deliverables, and resources that fully accomplish the scope of work) and complete projects on time and within budget.We get the job done right the first time.

Our fully-committed team will achieve these objectives, confident that nobody does a better job.

Aircraft Acquisition Service

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